What is Hangoutslive.com?

Hangoutslive.com is an online calendar where users can post, share and follow what’s happening in the Google+ Hangout Community. The site was created by and for show producers and viewers who love the Hangouts platform. Our goal is to help viewers find great hangouts, and help Hangout producers find their audience. Viewers can sort Hangouts quickly by categories and tags. They can also perform a simple keyword search to find Hangouts that match their interests.

Who can submit an event or show to the calendar?

Anyone can submit a Google+ Hangout Event.

Will every event be listed?

All Hangouts that meet HangoutLive.com’s community guidelines will be accepted. The guidelines prohibit content that depicts or promotes violence towards another human being, religion, race or animals, as well as anything deemed indecent (pornography, heavy profanity, etc.) . We’re obsessed with helping make the Hangout platform a great experience, and we take the time to check out each Hangout producer’s Google+ account and past shows to make sure there isn’t any funny business. IMPORTANT: Only shows airing on Google+ will be accepted. 

Can I edit my listing once it’s posted?

Email us at ghangoutslive@gmail.com with the correct info. We’ll update your listing ASAP. Note that we reserve the right to edit listings for obvious typos (don’t worry… we won’t mess it up).

How long does it take for an event to be posted?

Our goal is to approve and post your event in less than 24 hours. If you absolutely need your event approved earlier, email us at ghangoutslive@gmail.com.  IMPORTANT: Only shows airing on Google+ will be accepted.

I submitted an event more than 24 hours ago or I need this listing up ASAP, but it hasn’t been posted. Who do I contact?

Email us at ghangoutslive@gmail.com.

Can I add a recurring event to the calendar once via an auto-repeat function?

Sorry, but auto-repeat is prone to spam, so we’re avoiding it for now. Besides, adding each event separately is insanely quick and easy.