Google Hangout Plugin

Looking for the Google hangout plugin?

Sometimes Google Hangouts simply won’t work or will stop working. Perhaps Google launched an update or your google hangout plugin is out of date. After googling the problem, you may discover that you need to update your chat plugin. Fear not.. it’s an easy fix.

BEFORE YOU UPDATE YOUR PLUGIN: First check to make sure you’re not using the Safari browser. It’s best to use Chrome or Firefox for your hangout. Safari will allow you to login, but on some older computers and browser versions, it simply won’t work. You won’t see your video so your plugin error might not be an error after all, but simply a browser issue.

NEXT – TEST YOUR WEB CAM: Let’s make sure your web cam is working. Most web cams light up on the front of the camera so you should be able to tell if it’s “active.” If the camera isn’t lighting up, let’s test your web cam through gmail. Here’s how:

Login into your gmail account.

On the right of the browser, click on the settings icon – it will look like this (a cog or flower):

google plugin setting

Once you click on it, a drop down window will appear. Click on “Settings.”

Picture 18

Once you are in your gmail settings, click on the “Chat” tab at the top.

Picture 19

Down the middle of the page, you’ll see a link that you can expand by clicking on the plus sign that says “verify your settings” – click on that to open.

Picture 21

If you don’t see your live camera feed on the right, then you probably need the google hangout plugin.  After downloading the plugin, it’s best to restart your browser and hangout.

Once you’re inside your hangout, check on the settings icon (looks exactly like the icon in gmail) in the upper right hand corner of your hangout. Make sure your you have selected the right microphone and camera options. Sometimes it will default to your ‘built in” options.