How to Submit Your Hangout to the Community Calendar

Welcome Hangout Producers. This community calendar can help you promote your Hangout, find new fans and build a loyal audience. Posting your Hangout is quick and easy. Simply follow the directions below.


Submit to our Google Hangout Calendar in two easy steps!

  1. From the home page, click on the “Post Your Event” button.Picture 17
  2. Fill out the event form in the pop up screen.submit a google hangout


  • For “location,” it’s best to use your series name (e.g., Movie Review Live) or your Google+ username. Please don’t use apostrophes or special characters in your title.
  • Add a photo! Photos look best when they’re more horizontal.
  • To link to your Google Hangout page or youtube channel, click on the “add additional details” box and add your link to the website box. You can also add full URLS to the description. Any URL starting with “http://” will be hyperlinked. Note, we do not accept or other types of shortened URLs – please insert the full URL.
  • Add a description… something that will tell us what this show is about. Because our site works off contextual search, the more you have in the description, the better.

Upload a photo and click the green “Submit Event” button.

And that’s it!

Once submitted, our editors will approve your event and ensure it meets community guidelines (see FAQs for more info).

If you’d like to add the video to your event listing, send us an email to with a link to the event and the embeddable YouTube code. We’ll handle the rest.